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Set in stone are two beliefs we have… love one another with wild abandon and exist in photographs for your loved ones, as one day it will be their most valued possession.

Do you still remember what the sky looked like on your wedding day? Let us reign in and capture those moments with you. The laughter, the tears, the howling wind… the remembrance of the afternoon sun on your face. Let us turn this dust, these dreams into real memories and you will forever exist in photographs.

“A photograph is time torn. It is a hole in the fabric that ties us to the present. It is a rip in memory’s blindfold.”

Steph & Elaine have spent the last seven years travelling South Africa and abroad to photograph love, life and everything in between. They are passionate about producing photographs and art that feel organic and real. When not on the road with their cameras capturing weddings, fine art projects, editorials or life as they see it, Steph & Elaine spend their days living a quiet life, close to nature in an old farmhouse in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

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