What is Thirteen?

THIRTEEN is a creative emporium where creative artists can come together for a fantastic content party… a place to break convention, create without limits, play and join us for a home cooked feast afterwards. It really is an idea born from our love of photography, art, travel and fantastic food and we want to share it with each one of you.

A antique Moroccan ring on a pile of watercolour handmade stationary.
Natasha Joubert photographed in black and white wearing a long white capelet.
Moroccan babouches, emerald green trinkets and hand crafted stationary with gold leaf.
Wearing a fur and silk headscarf Natasha Joubert is styled by stylist Elaine Van der Merwe-Louwrens.
The dining area of The Culture Barn in Johannesburg.
Moroccan khobz bread wrapped in paper.
Natasha Joubert shades her eyes against the African sun.
A young model in a white capelet, black bikini top and ornate necklace.
Green Beldi glasses and a selection of South African wines.
Tamegroute bowls, lemons and a watercolour menu.
Dainty silver earrings on top of a hand painted dinner invitatoin.
Steph Louwrens from Thirteen Emporium cooking in thier kitchen.
A flatlay of Moroccan trinkets and stationary.
Photographer David Dufeal enjoys homemade treats at a THIRTEEN Emporium event.
A Moroccan feast served at a THIRTEEN Emporium event in South Africa.