Grooms and their style…

What to wear when you don't know what to wear

So often during the wedding planning the groom might feel slightly neglected, or overwhelmed… or both! For some the speech writing part is a breeze but the “what to wear” remains a mystery. Others... are just baffled by all the commotion surrounding the day.

Therefore we have put together a quick read; a short style guide with some of the key areas to pay attention to when planning your wedding attire. And this post is all about the grooms!

So ladies, if you are reading this, pass this on to your soon-to-be-husband.

We have compiled a list of seven great tips:


Pay attention to the fit of your suit or tuxedo. The trousers should not be too long or too short, the hem/ break should gently brush the shoes. We do however recommend you chat to your tailor about this as body- shape and length might affect that.

If you choose to purchase a suit straight of the rack, we would still recommend stopping by a tailor to make sure that the suit fits you perfectly.

Your jacket should fit at the shoulders and not be too wide and therefore give you that dreaded “80-ies shoulder-pad” look.

The arms of your jacket should fit comfortably when you bend your elbows and move but NOT reach over your hand or fingers!


A classic black tuxedo will NEVER go out of style especially not when your invitation states “black tie”.

For a less formal wedding a navy suit is always fashionable. And for the last few years we have seen many grooms pull of suits in all shades and textures of navy! So a real winner.

For a morning, mid-summer or an ocean-side destination wedding; why not consider a light coloured linen day suit which can be pared with a beautiful pair of monogrammed loafers or light brown brogues.


2020 saw the rise of the textured suit and it stayed! With style predictions seeing more grooms wearing tweed {maybe for a winter wedding in South Africa or abroad}, bolder colours and double-breasted suits.

Adding texture can be as subtle as going for a suit jacket that is slightly different in texture from your trousers, texture in the fabric of your shirt or as bold as an overall patterned suit… But keep it classy and dare we say timeless gents!


These are where all your treasured belongings -new and old- come in. It is also where you can give wings to your personal style; some small touches to your outfit can make a powerful impact.

A few items to consider:

▪ Cufflinks: these can either be custom made, monogrammed or pay homage to a hobby or passion of yours.

▪ Belt: should you wear a belt ensure that if matches and compliment your shoes.

▪ Buttonhole or boutonniere: make a statement by wearing a bold coloured yet delicate floral piece.

▪ Watch… think family treasures or something new…

▪ Cologne or aftershave

▪ Socks. Straight up Happy Socks seem to be for some and some classic Polo socks for others.

If ever there was a time to whip out some unique family heirlooms the time is now!


… And yes, the devil really is in the details!

▪ Iron your shirt before the day of the wedding. On numerous occasions we have seen grooms running around trying to find an iron for a shirt that has been left under the suit jacket for days and emerge all wrinkly!

▪ Remove those price tags! This will be from underneath your shoes, and from inside your jacket, shirt and anything else.

Also take the time to open up the jacket pockets if they have been sewn closed by the manufacturer.

▪ Wear your shoes before the wedding day so that feel comfortable. This will also spare you the pain of performing your first dance with blisters!

▪ Have your hair trimmed and consider visiting a barber before the big day.


Now these are all the men who are there to stand with you on the day and who you may {or may not} have a say in dressing… your father, brothers and groomsmen of course.

Their style should complement yours and the fit of their outfits should be as impeccable and tailored as yours!


This is a big one and often overlooked…

You have to ask yourself- how will your suit or lack thereof compliment {or detract from…} your bride on the day of the wedding?

And for this one you’ll will have to have a bit of a chat with the love of your life.

You will probably not see her wedding dress beforehand but it is important to know what style she is going for.


You cannot be dressed in an open collar shirt and casual trousers when your fiancé will be wearing a very formal, heavily beaded ball gown on the wedding day.

Neither will a tuxedo work with a whimsical bride wearing a simplistic flowy slip dress and waltzing down the aisle barefoot.

So, for this one COMMUNICATION IS KEY!