Zainab's bridal portraits

Being there to photograph a bride on the morning before her wedding is something sacred, something more than just a little special.

Hidden away in the bridal suite at Smitsfield Venue while preparations were frantically underway outside, a mesmerizing morning was spent with Zainab as she prepared for the Nikah wedding ceremony as part of their two day Muslim wedding celebration.

We adore all the thought she put into every detail of her elegant bridal look... from her long trailing veil to the white sneakers she had for the end of the evening!


With a pair of Jimmy Choo's and a custom made lace embroidered wedding gown, Zainab's bridal look was both enchanting and ethereal. She boldly paired it with a fabulously deep red lip and intricate mehndi art adorning her hands and arms... a favourite look of ours for this year!