Wiechert & Johanè's safari wedding

From the heart of Africa...

Have we ever told you about the deep appreciation we have for the wonderous adventures our clients take us on?

Because we do not just have any clients: we have the romantic adventurers. The ones that value epic locations as much as they appreciate couture gowns and Jimmy Choo’s.

Our clients do not only take us, but also their wedding guests on a journey like no other. They are the ones who want to push boundaries on their wedding day in terms of location and design, with their choice of culinary treats and floral artistry. They enchant their hand-picked guests with curious delights and custom eats.

Our clients are lovers of timeless portraiture, of imagery with an editorial edge.Their desire: for us to seamlessly join their unique romance with their fearless hearts.

They do not follow the fanfare of fleeting trends but dance to the beat of their own drums.

Wiechert & Johané were the epitome of “romantic adventurers” and photographing this once in a lifetime wedding right there in the Letaba riverbed was beyond memorable!

A bride and groom walking away during thier safari wedding.
The entrance of Letaba restcamp with it's flowering Impala Lilies.
Welcome box of treats at a Kruger National Park wedding.
A safari tent at Letaba restcamp.
A groom's reflection in the water while he ties his tie.
Elephants grazing in teh Kruger National Park.Photographed by Dust and Dreams Photography.
A whisky toast during a safari wedding celebration.
A groom and his groomsmen showing off thier safari wedding style.
A bushbuck sleeping in the shade of lala palms.
Wiechert in his wedding attire in the Kruger National Park.
Grooms details in a little box at thier safari wedding.
A roadsign with a warthog near Letaba restcamp.


Wiechert & his groomsmen chose an "understated safari style" with earth toned ties & suits... Johanè on the other hand wore a breathtaking Casper Bosman Studios couture wedding dress and cape, which can most definitely not be described as understated! With intricate beaded details on both the cress and the billowing cape, Johane was an unforgettable vision in the bushveld.

Photographing Johanè amongst the grove of palms before their wedding ceremony felt like an epic editorial for a luxury bridal magazine... this graceful woman just knows how!


The day before the wedding we scouted potential photo spots and right in the middle of Letaba rest camp we found this absolute gem... a cluster of indigenous Lala palms and we were in heaven! With their silvery green leaves and majestic stature they were the perfect backdrop for the pre-wedding portraits... so all Steph and I had to do was to time it just right so that he could photograph the groom there first before I arrived at the palms with the bride.


And honestly, this series of images are all time favourites!

They resonate with us on so many levels and we cannot thank the lovely Johanè enough for trusting us... and for her "beauty team" for being on time. It was only because we had enough time on the day that we were able to do these legendary creative portraits.


On another note... who else love Lala palms and their silvery splendour?

A bride's custom Casper Bosman wedding dress and cape hanging in her room.
A bride photographed amongst the Lala palms in Letaba restcamp.
Four bridesmaids help a bride put her Casper Bosman couture wedding cape on before the wedding ceremony.
Two bridesmaids at a Kruger National Park wedding put thier earrings on.
Wedding bands and a diamond ring at a safari wedding.
Details of a brides shoes and couture wedding dress.
A colourful bridal bouquet with ferns and ranunculus.

...the ceremony location

We know without a doubt that this ceremony was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Set right in the dry riverbed of the Letaba river in the north of the Kruger National Park it was not only the wedding guests that attended the ceremony...as a lazy giraffe strolled past just as the couple exchanged their vows.

Photographing this wedding in the Kruger National Park felt like "home"... we figure that that going back to the bush will always feel like home to us.


And we love that when we photograph a wedding in the bush -whether at a private Reserve or a National Park- it feels like we bring something extra to the table on the day. We bring hard earned knowledge that other photographers may not have in this scenario... inside knowledge of how the industry operates, knowledge we gathered during more than a decade living in the African bush ourselves ...

Elaine & Steph captured our day to perfection!! Going through the photos we received, we noticed things we didn't even notice on our wedding day and we were able to relive every small moment!

They really made us feel that they were invested in our day and showed real interest in all the details. We loved that Elaine and Steph's is absolutely committed, their positive attitude, how they were part of our journey and helped us plan the timeline. Without their help we wouldn't have gotten to everything we wanted to get to do on the day. 

They also made us feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. And just made us calm overall on our day. They really did help us not to stress about anything, because they had it handled! From picking up my flower clip when it fell out of my hair and guarding it safely till the end of the evening, to even having a towel ready for us to dry our feet with after our river photoshoot.
- Wichert & Johané Venter