Amsterdam: a city that could tell it's stories in monochrome without skipping a beat. Whose heartbeat pulses through its winding canal streets, enchanting museums, endless streams of frantically moving bicycles passing you by, and the smell of stroopwafels wafting from every corner.

This picturesque city draws you in and makes you believe that you could hang your hat without a second thought and stay a little while. Or forever. With rows upon rows of canal houses defiantly hugging one another as the cold water looms below.

The old city should most definitely be visited more than once - and our 36 hours exploring this city was not nearly enough.

We chose not to visit any of the known tourist attractions {apart from the glorious Van Gogh Museum and soaking in the Shylight Installation gracing an unassuming stairway in the Rijkmuseum.) Instead, we chose to wander the streets, stop by quaint sidewalk cafes for coffee and cake before indulging in vintage shopping and more strolling. Only to eat more delectable pieces of cake, endless piles of stroopwafels, and drink more coffee.

We embraced the Dutch’s open hearted approach to innovation and design; while honouring the past and history. It kept us intrigued and wanting more; without ever feeling overwhelmed or suffocated by ‘too much’.

This is our journey of Amsterdam in Monochrome with just a touch of colour.

  • LOCATION | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • AS PUBLISHED IN | B.E Away Magazine