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What’s in a name…?

Why “Dust and Dreams Photography?”

Living abroad people were quite fascinated that I came “from AFRICA”. For them it was not so much South Africa but AFRICA… the word seemed to conjure up the most mythical images and they found it to be so so exotic. I doubt that they found me all that exotic but they adored the idea that I came from…AFRICA {can you hear the suspense music in the background…ta da!}.

I think they made me dream of home all the more and maybe even made it more exotic in my own mind. So living there I also had visions of Africa; of the dust and the sunsets, of the bushveld and the clear sunny skies… and at night I dreamt of AFRICA. Being so far away I so wanted to turn the constant dreams of home into real dirt under my feet, mud between my grubby little paws like when I was a child…

I have been back in South Africa { AFRICA… ta da…} for years now and when it came to choosing a name for our business neither of us were sure that we wanted to use just our names (…if you knew my whole surname you would understand why it might not be such a good idea as it won’t fit on anything…), we wanted a brand that would set us apart. This time we wanted to turn this dust, this mud between our little toes into our biggest dreams. Dust and Dreams Photography just felt real.

And so, it is all about dust and all about dreams and that whisper of something you cannot see but know it is true… it is our perfect combination of  DUST AND DREAMS!

We let our lives mix with our dreams like two coloured paints, until we didn’t know which is what.

[Atticus poet]

Dust and Dreams Photography Blog

This is us; a little family in a constant state of controlled chaos!

PS: Our old blog is still operational so don’t forget to check in there from time to time. xxx

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