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Jacques & Lara… Florence Guest Farm

Jacques and Lara’s blogpost has been in the making for a few days now, the main reason being that we kept on going back and forth as to which photos were our favourites to share and we must have changed…

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Dust And Dreams Photography _ Florence Guest Farm _ Chrissiesmeer _ Jeanine & Sakkie

Mauritz and Jeanine… Florence Guest Farm

Laughter, laughter and more laughter... the sky was filled with the sound of it when Mauritz and Jeanine's family invaded Florence for both their wedding ceremony and a once in a lifetime celebration... And Florence was the perfect fit for…

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Armand & Rene… Florence Guest Farm

As we headed to Florence Guest Farm on the second day of the season we were tingling with anticipation… as spring arrived gently and with the smell of eucalyptus leaves, whispers of lace and the promise of pastel sunsets.The gentle…

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Dust And Dreams Photography _ Real Wedding _ Lisa & Albe-1

Albe & Lisa… Florence Guest Farm

All the beauty the countryside could muster, a pinch of pastel and a 1000 hand folded origami birds, could anything be more romantic? Gentle hydrangeas in all different shades of softness and blooms that reminded of soft serve ice cream…

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Dust And Dreams Photography Veil 2017

Veils… Just some Thoughts

Why a veil? We are sure many of you have that question and debate it often before the wedding day... to wear a veil or not? Not only is it the only day of you life that you could wear…

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Warren & Tammy… Florence Guest Farm

When a massive storm devastated the forest chapel at Florence Guest Farm we were wondering where Warren and Tammy will be trying the knot... We did not know that Florence will jump into action straight away and that we would…

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Dust And Dreams Photography_ Real Wedding_ Florence Guest Farm_ Christiaan & Michelle_ Feature Page-1-2

Christiaan & Michelle… Florence Guest Farm

With the New Year's spirit lingering how could we not share a beautiful love story… Opulent florals, gentle greenery and cascading hydrangea canopies turned this wedding into "Wonderland" and transformed the old milkshed at Florence. When Christiaan & Michelle got…

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Christo & Unine… Florence Guest Farm

You know two people will not only face life’s storms together but will run right towards it {holding hands!!} when they will run in the rain with you... Not only that, when they were waiting to enter their own wedding…

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