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Quality over Quantity… why the amount of photos you receive shouldn’t be a dealbreaker.



One photographer offers you a 1000 photos and another offers you 500 both at a similar price… they have a similar style when you look at the photos they share om social media and you like both of their work. So how do you choose?

We can really tell you that the image count doesn’t matter in the end and should not be the deciding factor when choosing your wedding photographer.

The real question should be: DO YOU LOVE THEIR WORK?

We wanted to write this blog post to help a little with that. So you can make an informed decision as to why we’d recommend going for the “less is more” approach when it comes to your wedding photographs… and choosing a photographer that you will trust!

Dust and Dreams Photography _ Lace on Timber Spring Wedding

We at Dust and Dreams Photography personally have a quality over quantity approach with our own photography. We know that our clients do not only book us to capture their wedding day but for our expertise and to thoughtfully curate the photos that we edit and give to them.

They trust us to do the hard work behind the scenes by eliminating duplicate photos, unflattering facial expressions and less than perfect shots BEFORE we deliver the final product to them.

They know that we’d rather hand over a smaller number of edited photographs knowing that they will love each and every one of them, instead of giving thousands of batch edited photos, some of which might not be completely up to standard…

We average between 500-800 photographs for any of our 8-9 hour weddings and will without a doubt include any and all photos that we know will add value and tell your story. Some of those might then be number 501 or even 550 in a package that includes 500 edited images.

500-800 images might not seem like a lot when compared to 1500 but we can assure you that it is plenty!

Dust and Dreams Photography _ Lace on Timber Spring Wedding

So this is where the real question lie… would you prefer digging through a 1000 photos yourself to find the gems { those ones that deserve a spot on the wall! } or would you rather book a photographer who, by using their experience and knowledge, will deliver 500 photos that will ALL become family heirlooms? {And you might feel the need to build a photo wall just for them.. }

A photographer who presents to you a collection of beautifully crafted, curated images that reflect and tell your story… that is what you should be looking for.

Dust and Dreams Photography - Lace on Timber

You will inevitably have about 20 FIRM FAVOURITES… the ones that will be printed and shared over and over again and that will be the case whether you have received 500 or 1500 of photographs, the rest will eventually gather dust. {TRUST US on this… we have a beautiful wedding album, a enormous canvas and some stunning prints from our own wedding. And the rest… the rest is still on a USB locked in our safe… gathering dust.}

And that is another reason to ask yourself; if the amount of photos you receive should matter if you love a certain photographers style?

Dust and Dreams Photography _ Lace on Timber Spring Wedding

So now you might be wondering why so many people are all still talking about the numbers… and this is what we’d say:

Let go of the FEAR  – often when you think that you might need thousands of images it is not really about the number of photographs that you’ll receive but rather the fear that a special moment will not be captured or fear that a photograph will be culled because it was number 501. Trust the photographer you chose and know that with the experience they bring to the table they will also know how to affectively cull a wedding without cutting out any images that would add to your story.

Dust and Dreams Photography _ Lace on Timber Spring Wedding

And lastly; choosing someone for their style instead of the number of images they promise will also help with your album and print choices:

Cause do you really want to slog through 1000-1500 images {many of which might then be duplicates} to choose your favourites for an impactful wedding album… when even a 100 page album will only display 100-180 photos beautifully without cramming the pages.

Is the Mona Lisa not hanging by herself in the Louvre? Would you not rather have a wedding photographer who would design a wedding album with that same restraint, knowing that a single image on a single page will be so much more impactful than 20 small photographs all fighting for breathing room…

Dust and Dreams Photography _ Lace on Timber Spring Wedding

So this was just some food for thought, but we do help that it helps with the never ending QUALITY VS QUANTITY question!

x Elaine & Steph



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