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Planning a Winter Wedding

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _ Planning-a-winter-wedding

2019 has been a “Winter wedding” kind of year for us and we absolutely adored it!
Our winter months were packed with romantic & cosy weddings at venues like Smitsfield Wedding Venue in Lothair, The Silver Sixpence near Dullstroom and Florence Wedding Venue in Chrissiesmeer. All of which are the perfect venues for a couple who love the idea of roaring fireplaces in the reception hall, deliciously hearty food and crisp winter’s mornings…

Whereas everyone else chase summer weddings, we are absolutely enchanted by the incredible light, the surreal feeling and the unique vibes that go hand in hand with an autumn or winter wedding.
Therefore we have decided to share some winter wedding inspiration with you… And if you are a “snuggler” then these winter wedding ideas might just inspire you to snuggle a little closer.

And if you are wondering why we are sharing it now… while we are all strutting around in our favourite summer dresses and Havanas…. Because, if you are looking at having a beautiful winter celebration in South Africa in 2020, the planning starts now!

There are so many unique touches that truly lends themselves to colder weather weddings. And we have searched for some of the styles and trends that suits a winter wedding more than any other month:

Rust colours or dried florals, leaves & fronds.

Think smouldering candles, rich, warm colours, earthy tones and hearty food.

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

Bridesmaids in velvet dresses or fur capelets.

This is a trend that will probably never go out of style. Gift your bridesmaids a fur capelet or a woven pashmina to keep them stylish all day and it will of course also keep the cold at bay!

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

A luxurious long-sleeved dress or a cape.

Now this is something that has always melted our hearts… long-sleeved dresses. Not only are they timeless but with so many different styles around – from lace sleeves to billowing tulle ones – it is easy to find one that is truly YOU! And if you heart is set on a strapless gown… it is still warm enough in so many areas of South Africa { even in the middle of winter!}  that you do not necessarily have to give up the dream of a sleeveless- wedding dress at all!

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

Outdoor wedding ceremonies.

As so many parts of South Africa are summer rainfall areas this means that autumn and winter are the ideal seasons for your outdoor wedding ceremony. No stressing about whether it might rain or not!

And an added bonus – soft, delicious light {aka no squinting guests or sunglasses needed at your ceremony} and crunchy carpets of autumn leaves underfoot… and just imagine spoiling your guests with woolly blankets.

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

Textured suits.

Grooms, this one is for you! Winter weddings call for rich, textured suits and styles that might not be suitable to the sweltering heat of summer. Think dark tones or pinstripes. And embrace the winter vibes with a classic tie or a tux!

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

Cute winter booties or elegant closed toe shoes.

Wanting to keep your tootsies warm and wear footwear that feels appropriate for winter but still stylish and elegant enough for a wedding celebration? How about some cute off-white ankle booties or suede close-toes heels?

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

Glühwein served with your wedding cake!

Ever thought of pairing your wedding cake with a glass of Glühwein during cocktail hour? Few things will heat up the crowd and keep them relaxed {while you are sneaking away to have your sunset photographs taken} like a sweet treat and a steaming mug of mulled wine. Not to mentioned the smell of cloves, cinnamon and spices that will fill the air!

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning

We then cannot even describe the light from May to August in South Africa without waxing lyrical so to speak! It is soft and gentle, it is flattering and dreamy and turn skin tones into soft, buttery deliciousness… a photographers dream…

So go ahead, start planning that 2020 winter wedding!

Dust-and-Dreams-Photography _Winter-Wedding-Planning


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xx Elaine & Steph


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