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Bjelila… a fisherman’s cottage by the sea

A little fisherman’s house built into the rocks of the Adriatic became our home for way too short…just a few days not giving us enough time to even scrape the sides of Bjelila’s soul.

We watch a father take his little girl on afternoon fishing duties while another prepares his boat for the morning run.
The little village surprises us with friendly smiles,hearty soups,restaurants offering us blankets against the chill that rolls in on the ocean breeze.We find treasures around every corner;a monestary built on a little island,champagne and ice cream cake for our anniversary.Our lips taste like salty cracks and we play like children in the ocean lapping against our dreamy house,the icy water taking our breath away…the almost unnatural turquoise making us look twice every day…waves like seaglass. Pebbled beaches at Sveti Stefan and cheeky teal toe nails…
We take a drive to Tivat to marvel at its truly majestic marina.The yachts moored like little tin soldiers.Vessels flying flags from Dutch harbours,New Jersey,the Caymans and the Gulf. Their patrons lounging at the stylish cafes and we long for our little home on the rocks where the Adriatic sings its lullabies at night…

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” – David Mitchell

PS… and as always S caught me getting a bit too close to the vegetation…

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