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2016 Monochrome favourites

Today’s blog is a little different from some of our “normal” posts…We wanted to show the beauty of black and white images, where mood and emotion sets the tone without the distraction of colour.

We wanted to share some of our favourite 2016 Monochrome pictures.They are epic images with an honest beauty, where emotion is so deeply rooted that no explanation is needed. They do not all belong to the same genre but they are all tied together with a common thread, where the lack of colour tells the tale… be it of joy or anticipation… stillness or wild laughter…

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” -Aaron Siskind



2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-2 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-2 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-2-2 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-3 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-18 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-5 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-7 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-2 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-6 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-8 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-16 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-11 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-14 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-20 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-15 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-2-2 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-10 2016-in-monochrome_dust-and-dreams-photography-1-3

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